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    juju Guest

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    My dilemma is that we have 4 ASP pages that are linked from a main or index page. On this first index page they can use a drop down box to select another child page in the web. Currently there a four options in the drop down and therefore 4 different pages. What I am trying to do is to condense the 4 pages into one. Each of these pages has the same info except for a custom image at the top. <BR>In a perfect world the user would select a page option from the dropdown and depending on the users choice the asp page would display the correct page which essentially would be the same page with a different logo at the top.<BR>This selected page would have have a custom image at the top stating that you selected page 2 for example. In short there must be a way to customize a ASP page based on the user choice to show the correct image at the top. <BR>

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    Sateesh Guest

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    get the value from the dropdown element and depending upon the value use the if condition in the asp page to display the proper image, if the only difference between the 4 pages are the images you can very well replace all the 4 pages with a single asp page.<BR><BR>like<BR>If request.form("dropdownelementname") = "some value" then<BR>&#060;img src ="A.JPG" width="" &#062;<BR>elseif request.form("dropdownelementname") = "some value" then<BR>&#060;img src ="B.jpg" width="" &#062;<BR>end if<BR>

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    juju Guest

    Default Thanks

    Thanks I&#039ll try that.

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