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    How do I display data from a db(access) that is in one field, but a different row. For example, I am building an online quiz and for the questions I wish to be able to connect the questions in the db with the web page using asp. My question table has 11 rows (that&#039s the number of questions) and three columns(Quiz ID, Question ID, Question). Using ASp how do I get questions 1-11 to appear where I want them instead of just question 1.

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    i hope you are not looping the resultset, you can retrieve all the 11 data from the database by looping the resultset you opened it.<BR><BR>like <BR>if not resultsetname.bof or resultsetname.eof then<BR> do until resultsetname.eof<BR> .....<BR> write ur code to show the data<BR> resultsetname.MoveNext<BR> Loop<BR>end if

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    I think Sateesh is right, that the piece you are missing is the RecordSet.MoveNext method, but just in case...<BR><BR>"Draw" the page you want in HTML first, and *then* figure out how to "fill in the blanks" using ASP. If you get that far and can&#039t figure it out, then come back, show your HTML code, and ask again.<BR><BR>

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