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    sreeja Guest

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    Hi everyone,<BR><BR>I have a text box like this:<BR><BR>&#060;input type="text" name="txtRegion" value="&#060;%=region%&#062;" disabled&#062;<BR><BR>if I submit my form and try to do<BR><BR>request.form("txtRegion") , it does&#039nt get the value .<BR><BR>but if I take the disabled from the text declaration, request.form gets the value.<BR><BR>this sounds new for me.<BR>what should I do for this?<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    Sateesh Guest

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    yes in html when you disable some element the contents will not be passed when you submit the form, better way is to assign the value to a hidden element and submitt the form.

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    Default Not errors...it works as it is supposed to

    What did you expect? You *said* the field was disabled, so it was.<BR><BR>The "disabled" keyword *only* works with MSIE 4 and 5, incidentally, if you care.<BR><BR>One trick: <BR><BR>&#060;INPUT Name="whatever" Value="ditto" onFocus="this.blur();"&#062;<BR><BR>That works in MSIE and NN.<BR><BR>

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