Triggering an ASP page to run at a certain time

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Thread: Triggering an ASP page to run at a certain time

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    Hello, and hope this question isn&#039t out of context here. I am trying to get an ASP page to run every Monday which will select from the db and send out emails. The asp file is written and works fine, I am trying to find the best way to make it run on a scheduled basis. I tried this using WinAT which I had run a batch file I created. The batch file itself ran the asp page fine, but with WinAT, it didn&#039t run the same, same with DOS AT. So I was thinking some sort of trigger on SQLServer. Is it possible to run an ASP page from SQLServer via a trigger? I know that I could include a SMTP mailer on SQLserver and do the select there, but there is far too much code to transfer everything from asp to a trigger. <BR>Does anyone know of a good scheduling alternative to WinAT which may run the batch file, or other alternatives altogether? Again, sorry if this is a little out of context.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    you&#039re thinking along the wrong lines here<BR><BR>Take the code from your .asp file, and make it into a VBScript .vbs file or a JScript .js file<BR><BR>Open Windows Task scheduler<BR>Schedule the script you just created<BR><BR>(any server.createObjects should be converted to WScript.CreateObject)<BR><BR>the windows script host reference is available from and should help<BR><BR>j

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