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    Hello,<BR><BR>I am using Vb functions in my ASP applications. If I run my VB application it is working fine and displaying web page and do everything fine. But if I use internet browser and try to access web ( when VB application is not running ) then it gives me an erro of "createobject". <BR><BR>My Vb application is saved as .vbp, Now i have saved as .dll, But where to save and how to link that with my PWS.<BR><BR>yogesh

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    saving as a dll will not solve the issue, you have to register the dll in the pws machine, try registering it using regsvr32.exe "path of the dll"

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    Default it is working but

    I have compiled it and stored it as a .dll and everything was working. But, now i have made some changes and now as i am trying to compile as .dll it is saying that " Sharing violation" How can i stop that. do i need to unregister ? How ?<BR><BR>I have one more thing.. how can i save my excel sheet from VB. SaveAs(" filename"), is asking me about overwriting.... but this is used in web application.. so instead of asking it should overwrite on old one.<BR><BR>thanx <BR>yogesh

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