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    Bob Denver Guest

    Default I can't wait

    Someday, ASP will become obsolete code and I can get some decent sleep knowing that my Cold Fusion applications are running smooth. <BR>ASP is like the AMC Pacer. Cute at first but before long everyone stayed away from it.

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    Yeah... Guest

    Default RE: I can't wait - RIGHT

    And you like the scalability of CF huh? cool...

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    No Body Guest

    Default RE: I can't wait - RIGHT

    ColdFusion is for wimps

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    Steve Cimino Guest

    Default One big difference

    AMC wasn&#039t backed by a billion dollar market leading giant. <BR><BR>Perhaps if it was, we&#039d see the AMC Pacer Millenium Edition by now. (Not really any better, just a new paint job and a different sounding horn, and a bigger price tag -- although we could get the paint for free from a websi..err.. paint shop). Perhaps the car will start faster than the previous versions, but it will just stall and die in the middle of an intersection for no apparent reason.

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    Bod Denver Guest

    Default RE: I can't wait - RIGHT

    Just because you don&#039t know CF doesn&#039t mean that you have to call everyone whimps. If you will READ the figures little fella, you&#039ll find that companies are dropping ASP faster than ever. Mainly because of the huge cost of programming required vs other code. If anything ASP is for whimps who don&#039t want to try new things. The only reason it became so widespread is because MS flooded it with their IIS (ala AOL style).<BR><BR>Well, anyway remember when you finally unplugged your MajorBBS after months of realizing that there is this thing called the Internet that eliminated your basement online service. Well, the wave of pulling ASP is upon us and the choice is do you want to be the last in line again?

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    Richard A. Lowe Guest

    Default ASP: 12480 CF: 2146

    Well, here&#039s one good indicator, what do top job sites have listed for jobs in each, hmmm???<BR><BR>Well, even accounting for the fact that people may spell ColdFusion with a space, I think we have our answer in the area that should MOST interest ASP developers.<BR><BR>Dice.com: (searched everywhere)<BR>ASP<BR>Jobs 1-25 of 11766 matching your query<BR>Cold Fusion<BR>Jobs 1-25 of 1483 matching your query<BR>ColdFusion<BR>Jobs 1-25 of 528 matching your query<BR><BR>Monster.com: (search silicon valley)<BR>ASP<BR>Jobs 1 to 50 of 446<BR>Coldfusion: <BR>Jobs 1 to 32 of 32 <BR>Cold Fusion:<BR>Jobs 1 to 44 of 44 <BR><BR>Hotjobs.com (searched in Chicago)<BR>ASP:<BR>268 jobs were found.<BR>Coldfusion:<BR>14 jobs were found.<BR>Cold Fusion:<BR>35 jobs were found.

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    Default ASP: 43 ColdFusion: 29

    http://www.zdnet.com/enterprise/stories/linux/0,12249,2646052,00.html<BR><BR>That is pages served per second.<BR><BR>QUOTES:<BR><BR>"The ColdFusion site running on a Windows 2000 test server had a speed of about 29 pages per second."<BR><BR>"Our ASP site running on a Windows 2000 test server had a speed of about 43 pages per second. "

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