A pilot product is being developed using in (Dreamweaver) ASP and Access, the database of choice will be SQL .<BR><BR>The program will allow a user to input their username and password w/verification, it then takes them to a page that allows them to search for a persons data by inputing an ID#. A list appears and the user can select the person, if a person is not in the database - the user is then able to create NEW data.<BR> <BR>If the user selects a person from the list he or she is taken to the first form (eleven forms in all). The user is then able to update/change the data on the form, when the user selects submit - he is then taken to the print page (a page that includes all the new data), which allows him to just print it out as an official document. The user will be taken thru 11 forms.<BR> <BR>The site will eventually incorporate SSL and sit behind a firewall.<BR> <BR>Is this something you&#039ve done in the past? It&#039s basically, a glorified site that dumps information into a SQL server database, and allows the user to change it at any time.<BR> <BR>please send information and hourly requirements to<BR> <BR>Duane Smith<BR>HA&G Media<BR>hagmedia@msn.com<BR> <BR>