Please vote for me :-) I can&#039t stand another four years of Clinton/GORE....<BR><BR>Anyway. My 4 year old grandson asked me about a function he thought would be useful. The function, built in VBScript, would simply return the current node position of a selected element. Not just the current element position (like position() would return) but all the way back to the root element.<BR><BR>He pointed out that this would make editing XML source pretty straight forward. He gave me this example:<BR><BR>aryPosition = split(FindPosFunction("MESSAGE/XML[NAME $eq$ ""George W. Bush"""),"-",-1,1)<BR>--NOW--<BR>aryPosition = array(0-0-1) &#039 after finding a matching node element<BR><BR>making something like this possible:<BR><BR>objXMLDoc.documentElement.childNo des.item(0).childNodes.item(0).childNodes.item(1). text = "ß&alt;0223"<BR><BR><BR>He said that with this function it would make editing XML files much easier.<BR><BR>Thanks to all that help. And don&#039t forget to vote for me on Tuesday!<BR>