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    jb Guest

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    I have copied my ASP application that uses sessions down to another server. The application works on the original server, but I always get a session expired error on the new server. I&#039ve confirmed that the new server has Enable Sessions checked in Information Services Manager. I don&#039t think it can be the code or my browser settings because it works on the original server. I&#039m looking for any ideas of something that I may be overlooking. Thanks.

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    Sateesh Guest

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    check out the default session timeout in the new IIS server.

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    jb Guest

    Default still not working - RE: Trouble with Sessions

    The default session timeout is 20 minutes on the new server. Just to make sure we&#039re talking about the same thing, I&#039m looking in Properties&#124Directory tab&#124Configuration&#124App Options tab&#124Session timeout: 20 minutes. I don&#039t know where else you could set this, but if there is, let me know. Thanks.

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