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    I&#039m seeking any information on performance between stored procedures (completely contained within a database) and procedures which receive parameters from ASP code (dynamic).<BR><BR>Last statistic I heard, which seems to be pretty accurate from my testing, is that stored procedures will speed up an application (with extensive use of a database) by abut 25% per second. This is do to the fact that the SQL code is "compiled" within the database and has already "mapped a path" to run.<BR><BR>However, with dynamic procedures, the SQL code is "compiled" but I&#039m not quite sure if a true "running path" can be established.<BR>Example: A page that allows a user to click on a link (A,B,C..Z) and view any product beginning with that letter. I&#039m guessing results would be returned faster if a seperate procedure for each letter was created (though this would be more work and harder to up-keep) than to dynamically pass the selected letter to the stored procedure.<BR><BR>I&#039m very appreciative to any responses... I&#039m particularly interested in hearing if any testing has been done.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    It seems to me that you already know the answer to your own question. For your example of a query with A,B,C etc: Set up input parameters for the SP and it will still execute faster than inline code since it is compiled.<BR><BR>I beleive that there are a few articles on this subject on or

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