Sending Attachments through ASP ("CDONTS")Object

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Thread: Sending Attachments through ASP ("CDONTS")Object

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    Hi ,<BR><BR>I have some trouble with the proper syntax of the attachment code of the ASP ("CDONTS.NewMail") object following is my code:<BR><BR>Set oMail=Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail") oMail.MailFormat=0 <BR> oMail.BodyFormat=0<BR> oMail.From = ""<BR> oMail.To="Reciver" <BR> oMail.Subject="Testing" <BR> oMail.Body="Short Message"<BR> oMail.AttachFile "c:mytext.txt" <BR> oMail.Send<BR> Set oMail=Nothing<BR><BR><BR>should this work,<BR>Please Help.<BR>

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    Yes it will work, but remember c:mytext.txt is a file on the SERVER and not on the client.<BR><BR>"Reciver" must be ""

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