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    I would like to be able to execute some script that tidies up after the visitor has either left, been inactive too long, or abandons the session. I can handle when the visitor has been inactive too long on a page by using the &#060;META refresh=..&#062; to take them to a page that says &#039sorry etc&#039 and also cleans up. And ditto for when they click on &#039all done&#039. But my question is...<BR><BR>Q - At present I have the &#039clean up code&#039 in an include file and it works fine. But how do I avoid having to duplicate this code in the global.asa to perform the same function when the visitor walks away?<BR><BR>The Bottom Line= can I share code between the global.asa and pages?<BR><BR>Any suggestions? Any general comments on handling timeouts efficiently will also be appreciated.<BR><BR>Many thanks<BR>Rich

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    nope, you can&#039t call code in global.asa from pages<BR><BR>j

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