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    hai all,<BR><BR>I dont want to show the file name while invoking<BR><BR>Suppose i want to take a querysting from the following URL<BR><BR> note that i have not specified any file name there <BR><BR>then i have to retrieve the file what settings that i have to make to take the values how can i proceed with <BR><BR>please help me in this regard<BR><BR>thanz in advance<BR><BR>Sri<BR><BR>

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    hi<BR> u can do it in two ways:<BR>1. use form method as "post" and "form" collection to retrieve the value<BR><BR> use querystring, use form method "get" and send ur name/value pair in the hidden field to the next form.<BR><BR>try this one..<BR><BR>regards<BR>ghreddy

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