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    David Dickens Guest

    Default Response.Write limits?

    I&#039ve noticed that Response.Write seems to have a limit of 255 characters, or at least that&#039s what it seems. When I post a form to my ASP page the Request.Form("fieldname") (over 255 characters) value is stored correctly through a SELECT statement into my SQL database. However, when I try to display the value of Request.Form("fieldname") with Response.Write(Request.Form("fieldname") the result is truncated to 255 character length. This seems silly. I&#039ve never seen this before.<BR><BR>Thanks in Advance for any help.

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    Default never seen that

    you&#039re not using Request.querystring() are you? that would truncate...<BR><BR>j

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    Reggie Guest

    Default RE: Response.Write limits?

    It sounds like a problem with how your database is setup. Are you using Access? Change the "Data type" from "text" to "memo". "Text" limits you to 255 chars, so when you&#039re actually doing your insert it is cutting off anything beyond that. Memo lets you have somewhere around 65000 chars. Try opening your Access file and checking to see if it is getting cutoff in the database, but I&#039m pretty sure that is your problem.

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    David Dickens Guest

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    Actually, I&#039m sure that the variable has the whole string (longer than 255). But when it goes through Response.Write, it gets truncated.

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