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    I wanted to know if is it possible to print the contents of a form at CLIENT END. Does the browser supports this kind of aplication? Is this possible using ASP? if yes, can anyone guide me regarding this. <BR> Another problem is : Can we send a fax using ASP. Can we use any component / ActiveX component etc. for the same. If yes please please let me know how it can be done. <BR> Some URL&#039s about the same will be of great help to me. <BR><BR>Hemant

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    yes it is possible to print a form client-side, but since ASP doesn&#039t run client-side, you wouldn&#039t be able to use it<BR><BR>there&#039s a cross-browser print script at - just look in the codelibrary<BR><BR>faxing is a question regularly asked, but I&#039m not sure if it&#039s ever resolved. You&#039d need a modem attached to the server, and components to generate the fax and send it (and queue faxes when busy)<BR><BR>I&#039ve not seen anything, but there may be someting at<BR><BR>j

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