Q: How do I select a folder from its id and all its child folders?<BR><BR>Something like this works in Oracle I think:<BR><BR>SELECT LPAD(&#039 &#039,2*(LEVEL-1)) &#124&#124 f1.Folder_name<BR> As Toc<BR>FROM FOLDERS f1<BR>START WITH Folder_Id = &#039 64&#039<BR>CONNECT BY PRIOR Folder_Id = Folder_Parent;<BR><BR>Ive no idea how to do it in MSSQL<BR><BR>SELECT f1.Folder_Name AS F0lder, f1.Folder_Id AS Folder_Id, f2.Folder_Name AS Child, f2.Folder_Id AS Child_Id<BR>FROM FOLDERS f1 LEFT OUTER JOIN<BR> FOLDERS f2 ON f1.Folder_Id = f2.Folder_Parent<BR>gets me a column with<BR>Folder name, Folder_Id, Child, Child_Id<BR>of all of them, but how do I only get the relations based on the top level folder?<BR> <BR>