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    I need some extreme optimization tips, and by that i mean: the most extreme tips you can think of, or perhaps the ones that little people know about. Any idea/suggestion is appreciated.

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    Default As Extreme As They Come...

    Really obscenely extreme... hrm<BR><BR>Okay, how about this:<BR>Figure out all of the possibilities which your users might run into and convert all of those to straight HTML to eliminate that nasty compiler lag. Hey, they&#039ll even be server-independent, too!<BR><BR>Seriously, though, what did you expect? "Write that component in Assembler!" That will give you performance without the nightmare of pure HTML...<BR><BR>Of course, in either case, you just put yourself in a lifetime support role as nobody else will want to tend to your ultrafast yet ultradelicate code. As far as I&#039m concerned, that would make it suck to be you.<BR><BR>On a less extreme note, you could always upgrade the server (either on software or hardware side -- on the business strategy that until you&#039ve paid more than $30K for your database, you&#039re *not* playing with power) or write your own ADODB wrapper or your own web server.<BR><BR>Even less extreme would be to change your language (as I sort-of referred to before). PHP outperformed VBScript ASP by ~10% in recent ZD-Net tests. If you&#039re writing components, don&#039t do it in VB. Try Python, Perl or C++ (or C or Assembler...)<BR><BR>Less extreme still would be to check out some of the optional properties -- like ADODB.RecordSet.CacheSize -- which tend to drag you down because they start in a safe and docile mode. (There was a article on .cacheSize a while back, very descriptive.)<BR><BR>Or, if you&#039re mixing up strings, you can make a long blank string and parse other string bits into it using the VB MID function. But that&#039s really ugly and I don&#039t care how fast it is, I wouldn&#039t be the one taking care of it (generally it&#039s easier to just response.write before it slows you down anyway).<BR><BR>ASCII silly question, get a silly ANSI.

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    Hmm. i meant....even more extreme. I already have my own ADODB wrapper (for Text-Files and Application variables). i&#039ve written a huge string buffering mechanism and a cache API.<BR><BR>What i&#039m looking for is a way to use pointers to swap strings and stuff like that. No, i don&#039t want to use C++....yet....<BR><BR>

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