Session doen't terminate correctly.

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Thread: Session doen't terminate correctly.

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    Sanjeev Agarwal Guest

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    Hi ...<BR><BR>I am encountering a problem...I would appreciate if anyone can help me on this.<BR><BR>Backgound:-<BR>We have three servers, let me name them for this discussion 1) Logon server 2) Database_1 3) Database_2<BR>When person enters the site he is validated on Logon server and then directed to database 1 or 2 by using "POST" command with bunch of hidden variables which become session variables on database servers. I have code on Session_onStart & Session_OnEnd events both the databases server which works correctly except in one condition.<BR><BR>Problem:-<BR>When person is on databases_1 server and need to be switch to database_2 server, I use "POST" command and activate a asp page on logon server which displays an page and after a selection he is diverted to database_2 (by using "post" method).<BR>Now the problem, I don&#039t get Session_onEnd event neither on database_1 and nor on database_2 server. When he logout i.e. session.abandon is executed then also I don&#039t get Session_OnEnd event. But if he doesn&#039t switch servers and logout, I get Session_OnEnd event.<BR><BR>Can anybody has any clue why it has happening and what could resolve or any alternate mathod.

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    RUSY Guest

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