"Permission Denied" on CDONTS.Send

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Thread: "Permission Denied" on CDONTS.Send

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    Default "Permission Denied" on CDONTS.Send

    I have a few pages that use an #included page to send mail. The included page uses the CDONTS object to send some HTML email on a corporate intranet. The trouble is that sometimes when the .Send mehtod is invoked, the page halts with the error "Permission Denied", and the line number poining to the .Send.<BR><BR>Has anyone encountered this before? I&#039m making sure I close the object and set it to nothing after it&#039s used, and it&#039s completely baffling me.<BR>

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    Default Check Permission on Mailroot

    MS Article Q197619 says it is caused by the Anon account needing at least change permission on Mailroot. I&#039m having the same problem but my Anon account DOES have permission. If I run it from my intranet page that requires user login, it works fine.<BR><BR>barry.mcconnell@iname.com

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