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    Brian G Guest

    Default Netscape needs %20 in variables

    Is there any way to pass a variable that has a space to an ASP page in Netscape. I am trying URLEncode but that adds a + sign to my variable that needs to query a database. IE has no problems with the spaces, just Netscape.

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    Mip Guest

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    abc = Replace(Request.Form("value")," ","%20")<BR><BR>Hope can help

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    Brian G Guest

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    Thanks for the suggestion. I temp have it working with<BR>PositionURL = Server.URLEncode(rsCareer("Position"))<BR>but will definitely try giving replace a try. Thank you, again.

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    Default Server.URLEncode

    I would suggest sticking with Server.URLEncode as this will take care of any odd characters in the url that Netscape might not like. Using the %20 only works for spaces. <BR>I&#039m trying to do a Response.redirect Server.URLEncode for the string I&#039m passing and I get an error. Any ideas?

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