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Thread: Display message to user while back ground process

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    Nick E Guest

    Default Display message to user while back ground process

    Whilst querying a dB and filling an array I want to display a simple text string to a user, which I am doing fine with response.flush. When the process is complete I don&#039t want the message anymore. I want to do this all with one asp page, no redirects to another page. I have played with response.clear etc but realise this is not the way cause what is already output is not buffered. Any ideas?

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    Steve Cimino Guest

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    You could dump everything into a JS function, and do a document.write -- this will clear out your previous message. Also, there is an article on asptoday by Alex Homer that does something similar (I can&#039t remember the name). You may want to check out that site and search for the article.

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    Steve Cimino Guest

    Default Or

    Don&#039t you hate it when you come up with an idea, but already hit the post button???<BR><BR>Make a graphic that says "Hold your **** horses why this page loads". Then, once the page load is complete hide the graphic, or rewrite it with a new one.

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    nick e Guest

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    But am not quite sure how to go about it.<BR><BR>javascript? Give the graphic an id and manipulate it somehow like that yeah.

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