Rather than hard-code the Oracle service name, username and password in all<BR>my pages, I&#039d rather use an Application variable. This way when I move from<BR>development to production, I only need to change the service name and<BR>password in one place. But when I try this approach I get the error:<BR><BR> Microsoft VBScript runtime error &#039 800a01a8&#039<BR><BR> Object required: &#039[string: "OraSession.DbOpenDat"]&#039<BR><BR> /HTML/TMP4s7ov20uat.asp, line 44<BR><BR>It seems to be truncating the string after 20 bytes, at least that&#039s all the<BR>error message is displaying.<BR><BR>Here&#039s the code in my Global.asa:<BR><BR>Sub Application_OnStart()<BR> Application("Oracle_Connection") = "OraSession.DbOpenDatabase(" &<BR>"""MyServiceName""" & "," & """MyOracleUserName/MyOraclePassword""" & "," &<BR>"oradb_default" & ")"<BR>End Sub<BR><BR>Here&#039s the code in my ASP:<BR><BR> Set OraDatabase = Application("Oracle_Connection")<BR><BR>Any suggestions would be appreciated.<BR><BR>