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    I bought a new PC. I am trying to set up a simple html page that points to and executes an ASP page. Instead of executing the page it tries to download it. The ASP page resides in Scripts directory where &#039execute&#039 is an attribute.

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    You probably don&#039t have a web server that runs ASP. You can&#039t run an asp page through NN or IE like an html page, you need either Personal Web Server or IIS (both are on the NT4 Option Pack....there are also some utilities like ChiliSoft that make enable ASP to run on non Microsoft servers...<BR><BR>hope that helps<BR><BR>Richard

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    I am running under Personal Web Server. Actually, I have the same files and routines running on another PC successfully. Both use IE5 and Personal Web Server. Yet one works the other thinks it is a download. Confused!!!!!!

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