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    Marie Guest

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    When accessing an Access database with a vb application, the error: "2147012865(80072eff)&#039: internet error connection reset" comes up.<BR>The application works just fine with the same database on a different server, but not on this one (which I thought was set up just like the original server, but I guess it&#039s not or it would work...) I think it might be a problem with permissions, but I have checked all that I could find, or think of. (I have even given "everyone" administration rights, and the directory where the database is stored is completely shared...) <BR>Any help would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>

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    If you are on a Windows 2000 box check to see if the checkbox that says "Allow inheritabel permissions from parents" is not checked on the security tab. just a shot in the dark!<BR><BR>bart

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    Marie Guest

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    Just in case anyone ever searches the archives for this problem... On a clean install of Windows 2000 Server, by default, in properties on the Directory Security tab of the virtual MSADC directory under the Default Web Site in IIS, all IP Addresses are denied access, so you have to go in and change it to grant access. At least that&#039s what fixed mine.<BR>

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