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    i made a scrolling picture, which includes a couple of photographs.<BR>i used the marquee tag to do so.<BR>i wish to make the marquee stop or slow down whenever the mouse is on top of the picture.<BR>i did so by using the onmouseover event and wrote=<BR>document.all.roll.scrolldelay="2000"<BR> (roll is the marquee&#039s name), but it does not respond and slow down.<BR>1. Wht&#039s wrong?<BR>2. Can i make the pictures in the maRQUEE TAG STOP MOVING?<BR>3. iS THERE ANOTHER WAY OF ACHEIVING THIS?WHERE CAN I FIND IT?<BR>THANKS & HAVE A GREAT DAY!

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    Default DON'T USE <MARQUEE>

    1. It only works in MS browsers, resulting in an embarrasing (for you) mess in anything else<BR>2. It&#039s annoying<BR>3. it&#039s cheesy<BR>4. it&#039s non-standard (see or<BR>5. it sucks<BR>6. it sucks<BR>7. it sucks<BR>8. it is truly embarrassing<BR><BR>j

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