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    Hi<BR><BR>Is there any other way to redirect a user server side than using Response.Redirect?<BR><BR>I need an "invisible" redirect, or I don&#039t want the user to be able to see that he/she has been redirected on the adress bar (URL)...<BR><BR>Is this possible?<BR><BR>I think so, because I think I have read it some were, but I can&#039t find it anymore... Isn&#039t there anything like Server.Redirect...? (I know Server.Redirect doesn&#039t work...)<BR><BR>Best Regards,<BR>Sebastian

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    Default Repost from yesterday...answer has not changed

    In short, no.<BR><BR>Response.Redirect is the only way to do it from the server.<BR><BR>And, yes, your user will see a message in the browser (unless they have disabled such messages).<BR><BR>This is done on purpose, as a security measure. <BR><BR>I do not think you will find a way around it, but let us know if you do.<BR><BR>

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