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    I need to retrieve a user&#039s NT domain name and the username they use to log into that domain - easy when the user uses IE I can use NT Challenge / Response and get the info with request.servervariables() - but when I try this through a netscape browser - the only usernames & passwords accepted are ones for accounts that have been set up on the web sever itself, not the domain - Any ideas how I can retrieve NT domain & user names when the user accesses my web site through a netscape browser?<BR><BR>Many Thanks

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    Since Netscape doesn&#039t support NTLM, you can&#039t specify the domain in the login dialog. What you have to do is include the domain in the username as "domainuser" - for example my NT account is on a domain called "DEV", so when I log on using Netscape I have to enter "DEVduncan" as my user name.<BR><BR>Dunc

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