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    I am out of my league here but..<BR><BR>I have a MySQL database. The guy I am working with is developing a php version of the app, but we also need an ASP version for Windows users.<BR><BR>The app is basic - take stuff out of MySQL db and spit it out depending on query.<BR><BR>I have only worked with Access db&#039s before, so I am not sure what to do.<BR><BR>I have heard the term SQL db, and that works in ASP (have not tried it yet though). Is that different than a MySQL db or just another name for it?<BR><BR>I would appreciate a step in the right direction. I can easily code an app for an Access, just haven&#039t worked with this type before. I should know it, but I have never had a need to use it even after half a year of doing asp.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>- entro

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    MySql is a great database server. I think it is more powerfull than Access, but less powerful than MS SQL Server. <BR><BR>It comes with an odbc driver so you should just be able to setup a dsn and your away.<BR><BR>Is it hosted on NT box or unix?

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    MS people tend to use "SQL DB" to mean "SQL Server", MS&#039s big-daddy database product.<BR><BR>MySQL is, of course, a freebie DB with nothing near SQL Server&#039s power. But it&#039s not bad.<BR><BR>If you can handle queries and the like with Access, you won&#039t have any trouble with MySQL. Oh, you&#039ll find some of the things that Access has that are actually based on VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) aren&#039t in MySQL, but the basic SQL language is pretty much intact. <BR><BR>Hey, the guy using PHP and MySQL has to use SQL queries to access the data in his version, no? So just use the same SQL and you should be fine?<BR><BR>Of course, just to throw a monkey wrench into this.... You *are* aware that you could code it in ASP and then deploy it to Unix and Linux...still in ASP...aren&#039t you?<BR>is a place to take a peek at.<BR><BR>Yes, I work at Chili!Soft. No, if you guys are already pretty far along on PHP I don&#039t expect to convince you. But it&#039s free for me to try, no? (grin)<BR><BR>

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