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    Trying to do an online test application which allows one to take a test within an amount of time (say 1 hour). Wondered if there are some sample code or websites for this kind of application.<BR><BR>Thanx!!

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    Which bit are you stuck on?

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    I am totally unaware of how difficult will it be and how long it will take. Will 2.5 months be duralbe to do this application?

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    The description of your project is WAY too vague to be able to answer your last question.<BR><BR>For example, ok... someone takes a test in one hour. What drives the test questions? Are they stored in a database? Are they selected randomly? Are there &#039categories&#039 of questions? If so, does the user need to see a specific number of questions from each category? Is the test &#039adaptive&#039? Meaning, does it watch for strengths or weaknesses of the testee and then concentrate further questioning on that weak area? Can the user skip a question and come back to it later? Can the user go &#039forward&#039 and &#039backward&#039 through the questions? Can they change an answer after it is already posted? Are the questions multiple choice, true/false, essay, combinations? Are the user&#039s answers stored in a database? How does scoring work? Can some questions be worth x points while others are worth n points? How are the questions presented to the user (e.g. one at a time in linear fashion, or all on one page, or ??) If the answers are stored in a database, does there need to be a back-end (management) system for reviewing, maintaining, printing, emailing the results? Does the user &#039sign-up&#039 when they begin and enter pertinent personal information (e.g. name, address, age, etc.)?<BR><BR>These are just SOME of the questions that any consultant like myself would need answered before submitting an estimate of time. I want to emphasize that word -- &#039SOME&#039... You NEED a complete specification before you can provide any estimate of time. The ONLY time estimate you can give when you start a project is how long it will take to analyze the project and create that initial specification.

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