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    I am trying to build my first intranet site, using Access as the database.<BR>How does one retrieve information from separate and distinct queries to insert into html page templates? ie. page title, nav bar, body, etc.?<BR>I would ideally like to have one html template with 3 or 4 separate recordsets to drop into the template.<BR><BR>

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    Default subject does not jibe with request?

    It really depends on your "template". How complex is it? How simple? How much does the actual template itself (not the contents) depend on the DB?<BR><BR>There are so many choices here that I don&#039t think any of us know where to start answering you. If you can dream it up, it can probably be done.<BR><BR>And whether it is driven by multiple recordsets or just one recordset with multiple parts...well, even that is up to you, isn&#039t it?<BR><BR>Try to ask a couple of more specific questions (e.g., "How do you generate a drop down list from a DB table?" -- though that&#039s surely in the FAQs) and maybe we can give you some usable answers?<BR><BR>

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