Q&A on n-tier, server apps, component services?

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Thread: Q&A on n-tier, server apps, component services?

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    ComMan Guest

    Default Q&A on n-tier, server apps, component services?

    I have 3 physical machines. <BR>A = WebServer Asp pages<BR>B = Components<BR>C = Database<BR>I want to put my components in machine B component services to call them from computer A&#039s asp pages.<BR>I&#039ve been reading on how to put the components on machine B using Interactive User and Server application, then EXPORT them to A. This way A&#039s asp pages can call them, wit server.createoject. Is this best of practices? What do you guys suggest and why?<BR>thanks

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    Richard A. Lowe Guest

    Default Short answer...

    ... is basically if you are doing little processing in the components (not a ton of calculations etc.) and more data transfer, then it may not be beneficial to have them on a separate server from the Web and/or DB server.<BR><BR>There are a lot of factors in play, but the bottleneck can be either processor power or network or physical storage response time on the db or web server. <BR><BR>So "It depends", but if I had to choose ONE solution and never deviate from it, the three server, three tier with a fat pipe between them solution is a pretty good bet.<BR><BR>R.

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    how do I do it? Guest

    Default RE: Short answer...

    how do I do it?

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    Richard A. Lowe Guest

    Default Big..

    Well, it sounds like you want details, and that&#039s just a little beyond the scope of this forum. <BR><BR>Generally, if the 3 boxes are networked togther, the DB needs nothing special, you can reference it from any other box with it&#039s network name and/or through a System DSN.<BR><BR>The component portion is more tricky, but essentially you install DLLs (usually) in COM+ services (or MTS on NT4) and *export* them to any other server (the web server in this case) there are wizards to help you along...<BR><BR>The web tier just accesses the app tier as if the DLLs were installed locally and that&#039s it.<BR><BR>There&#039s a lot of info on this stuff if you dig for it... or hey, I only charge $50 / hr &#060;grin&#062;...<BR><BR>Richard

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