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    Marie Guest

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    I keep getting this error when trying to bring up a page that opens a database. The error is on the line that says<BR>It says that the file is either already opened for exclusive use by another user or you don&#039t have permission to open the file. <BR>(The database isn&#039t in use by anyone else, and I have given IUser permission to do everything) The entire site works just fine on a different server, which is set up almost exactly the same.<BR>Any ideas? <BR>Thanks!<BR>

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    Marie Guest

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    I forgot to mention that I get the same error on every ASP that opens a connection to the database. And they always point to the line as the source of the error.

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    ... Guest

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    Close Access and verify your permissions...

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    Marie Guest

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    I added everyone to the administrator group and now the pages work, but now when an application tries to access the database it says internet error connection reset...

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