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    I run win 2000 and have no experience with NT4. I wrote an ASP based web app to be run on a local area network with 9 computers. Their server is running NT 4.00.1381. (with IIS 3.0)<BR>Their browsers are reading plain html fine, but any file containing ASP just displays the raw code. What would be the problem(s)<BR><BR>-Does the NT4 option pack need to be installed?<BR>-Does PWS need to be installed?<BR>-Is there a configuration to IIS 3.0 that can be made so that ASP will work? (They don&#039t have the manual anymore and I havent been able to find any help on Microsofts site)<BR><BR>Any assistance would be awesome!<BR>Jason

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    install all the service packs and option packs an anything you can find to download. one of those things will do the trick

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    Don&#039t forget to get the latest MDAC from

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