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    Hello,<BR>I am in some major need of help here. I am writing an ASP application that will take some input from the user, based on criteria, generate a response. Hoever, I am going to publish a link for internal people to click on and generate a MS WORD "thank you" letter. I got the document down no problem, and I realized that I had to use vbNewLine (all VB commands) instead of ASP. My question (or actually problem) is that the client wants the letter to be generated in a certain forn with certain things as &#060;b&#062;BOLD&#060;b&#062;. I realize I cant do this using normal "ASP" commands, so I am wondering if ANYONE has any clue as to how I would go about doing this...<BR>Thanks a million!

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    Well, if you&#039ve figured out how to script MSWord to the point where you can insert text into a new document, then you should be able to do this: To put in bold text, you have to switch to bold mode, insert the text, then switch back out again. I know that there is a Bold( ) method on the MSWord _Font automation interface, but I don&#039t know if that is the right one to call, since I&#039ve never done this.<BR><BR>But I would imagine that if you dump out the IDL for Word and play around with the available method calls you&#039ll figure it out.<BR><BR>

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