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    Is there a way to go to a subroutine from an input button? for example:<BR><BR>&#060;input name="test" type="submit" value="test" onclick="printme"&#062;<BR><BR>Sub printme<BR>Response.Write "you made it"<BR>End Sub

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    Kinda... but not the way you&#039re doing it.<BR><BR>For all intents and purposes, pretend that by the time you see the page, ALL ASP code has already executed, and has ridden off into the sunset. So, you cannot access a sub in ASP through client side events.<BR><BR>You could make it a client side function, and then do what you&#039re doing (no &#060;%%&#062; or response objects). Also, you may want to change the code to JavaScript for more universal browser support.

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