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    Hi All,<BR><BR>I am developing a internet site and in that client wants the bookmark utility means if the user exits in between the course and wants to come back next day then when he logs on again the user should redirect to that page only.For that i am using login screen where user enter the name and password and using access as a backend my problem is how to store the value of the last visit page and then redirect the user to that page when logs on again for your information there is a bookmark buttton on every page.If somebody know about this then please help me out.<BR><BR>Thanks & Regards<BR>James Thomson

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    This is a crosspost that has already been answered.

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    Why dont u store the bookmarked page in your database along with the username and password and whenever a user logs in u redirect him to the value that is there in that field of the database table.<BR>U should update the bookmark field in the database whenever the user click on ur bookmark button

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