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    Shaac Guest

    Default Cookies VS Session Variables

    To carry the information of the user, which is better to use in ASP -- cookies or Session variables ???

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    PB Guest

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    A cookie is better to use when you need to maintain small bits of data for big periods of time like years.<BR>Session (which is also a cookie, after all it is also stored at the visitor&#039s pc) can store arrays that cookies can&#039t but will die as soon as the visitor goes.<BR><BR>There are many ways to maintain user &#039s information like hidden input and querystring.<BR>But all of them must be used properly.

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    Shaac Guest

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    But, wouldn&#039t it be a problem to use Cookies if the cookies are disabled in the browser??

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    Steve Cimino Guest

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    Cookies and/or session variables will not work if the user has cookies disabled.<BR><BR>Cookies are better than session variables if you&#039re running a web farm... session vars will not cross web farms.

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