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Thread: Databases and drop down boxes.

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    Darren Shilson Guest

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    I have designed a webpage for my local intranet which contains different websites. The drop down box is populated by a database. Is there any way in ASP where you can redirect the user to the selected website without the use of a button. The URL for redirection is found in the database along with the value for that drop down box. When the page is loaded it displays an option which states "Please select an option" and this contains no value.

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    DavidM Guest

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    You&#039d have to use Javascript but I would not recommend you do that.<BR><BR><BR>The problem with doing that is what if I accidently select the wrong site. Then I will be annoyed because I have to hit the back button and do it over again. If I am new to the web I won&#039t realize this right away.<BR><BR>Just speaking from experience here.

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    It depends on your users. If your website is going to be used by people who know what they&#039re doing on the web, then don&#039t slow them down with an extra click of a submit button.<BR><BR> If they&#039re marketing or HR people, don&#039t confuse them. :)<BR><BR> - Jeff

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