Okay. I&#039m probably completely braindead here and have been searching for some documentation on the web for about 2 days with no luck.<BR><BR>A user has logged on to our intraNet using NT Challenge/Response and exists both in the NT user database (duh!) but also in the Exchange database, where they have a mailbox. From a protected ASP page (i.e., the one that they have logged on to), I want to be able to connect to their exchange inbox, check for new mail ONLY, display a little icon indicating new mail exists, and then provide a link to Outlook Web Access (which works just dandy), and then close the connection to their Exchange inbox.<BR><BR>My question is: How do I connect to the Exchange database and check for new mail using VBSCRIPT? There *must* be a way!<BR><BR>Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!