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    I want to design a form where there are many fields along with files to upload.<BR>We have fields like Modelno, revno , stage, partno .<BR>A single modelno can have any amount of partno which I dont know.<BR>so I want to design a form where in first form user enters <BR>the fields like modelno, revno and stage and then proceeds to next page where he enters the details about one partno and then if he have the next partno he should proceed to next partno <BR>by clicking proceed to the next page which is the same page like the previous one and at the end I have to store the whole information in to a database as one record.<BR><BR>My problem is I dont know how to divide this into several pages and how am I supposed to know how many partno he has so that I can have or he has to proceed only that many forms and lastly submit his data into the database.<BR>How do you think I should proceed for the same.<BR>Any logics or suggestions are appreciated.<BR><BR>Awaiting for a prompt reply as it is little urgent<BR>Pradnya<BR><BR>

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    split it up however you want, just make it a logical progression. store values in either cookies or hidden form fields from page to page, then do a normal database insert. it&#039s not rocket science.<BR><BR>j

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