I am having some problems regarding passing the variables. I have a ASP page having a Link / submit button. Now whenever the user cliks the link/button the control now has to be transfered to another server. I want to pass some variables to the file which, I am calling on link click / submit. The requirement is of passing some parameteres / variables to the file located on another server, but without using querystring. Because I don&#039t want the users to access the site directly by just typing in the URL in the address bar. But instead the user has to switch to other site, through my site. I would be of much help to me if you kindly give me the solution. <BR> I was trying for the same using cookies and Response.Redirect. But seems that it is not working. Please reply me as early as possible on hemant_visal@hotmail.com<BR><BR>Thanks.<BR>Hemant