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Thread: can not acess SESSION Variable

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    help!! I am trying to acess value stored in session variable but can not! i am using IIS 5 .Lets say there are 3 pages . i store a value in session variable in 1 st page and try to acess in 2 nd page Its OK . but in 3 rd Page i CAN NOT acess. <BR>checked session state in Internet session manager also.<BR><BR>Is there any other factor influencing. I never faced this Problem in IIS 4<BR><BR>thanks for the forum

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    Are you crossing virtual directory boundaries?<BR><BR>If you move to a different virtual directory--that is, a different Application--then the session values do *not* move along with you.<BR><BR>Other than that... Nothing I can think of.<BR><BR>

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    Default what about this one...

    mixed case in hyperlinks.<BR><BR><BR>(page 1, set variable)<BR><BR>(page 2, reads variable OK)<BR><BR>(page3, because of the change of case in the path, IIS &#039forgets&#039 the session and starts a new one. it assumes it must be anew session for some reason, so can&#039t read the variable)<BR><BR>yes, this does happen. check case of all URLs. lowercase is best<BR><BR>j

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