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    How do i enable autocompletion of text, which is a result of query of database table.

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    The database is on a machine in Schenectady, New York.<BR><BR>The user is typing away in New Delhi, India.<BR><BR>So as the user hits each character you are going to do a roundtrip from the client machine to the server machine, search the database for what has been typed so far, and send back the possible results?<BR><BR>Over the internet. With a server that 8,726 other people are all using at the same time.<BR><BR>Suuuuurrrrreeee, you are.<BR><BR>Oh, you could do it on user request. That is, the user types in some characters and then hits a "please complete this" button. And waits for the response. <BR><BR>But to do it "on the fly"? Not this decade. Someday, maybe. But not with current technologies.<BR><BR><BR>

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