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    Chris Budiselic Guest

    Default Perform automatic HTTP Post and Get with only VB a

    Hi,<BR><BR>Can anyone direct me to some information explaining how I can automatically (without user) perform both HTTP Post and Get, using only ASP and VB - Without using any components?<BR><BR>This particular component seems to perform what I need:<BR><BR>, and functions as follows....<BR><BR>Set HttpObj = Server.CreateObject("AspHTTP.Conn")<BR>HTTPObj.Url = ""<BR>HTTPObj.PostData = "suid=jimb&pwd=macabre&id=32&val=1.5"<BR>HTTPObj.R equestMethod = "POST"<BR>strResult = HTTPObj.GetURL<BR><BR>However, I need something that does exactly the same job, but that I can script purely in VB/ASP, since my ISP will not allow registration of any components under any circumstances.<BR><BR>Thank you, and please feel free to reply to<BR>

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    Chris Budiselic Guest

    Default RE: Perform automatic HTTP Post and Get with only

    I should also have mentioned that I want to queue up a string of these Post&#039s to remote addresses in the one asp page, without being carted off to each remote addresses response page.<BR><BR>I want to simply send off the data to these remote pages, and then move on to the next post to the next address, without being interrupted. Although it would be nice to get some sort of information back as to whether the post succeeded or not.<BR><BR>Thank you again.<BR>Chris Budiselic<BR>

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    Richard A. Lowe Guest

    Default Not currently possible

    I&#039m assuming you meant VBScript, not VB and to answer your question, it&#039s currently thought to be impossible in native ASP/VBScript. I can&#039t imagine a way you&#039d even attempt it. <BR><BR>You might see if your ISP has the XMLHttp object installed (see bottom of If they have it installed and you&#039re able to instantiate it, that would provide total functionality for GETs and POSTs. I know of at least one free ASP ISP that does.<BR><BR>Richard

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    Chris Budiselic Guest

    Default RE: Not currently possible

    Thank you for the reply Richard. You are correct, I did indeed mean to say VBScript. <BR><BR>Q: I was led to believe that any function performed by a component (such as AspHTTP) could be achieved (with more fuss) using native ASP/VBScript? <BR><BR>I ask the question only because I had the same issue regarding file uploads. Plenty of upload components around as you would be well aware, but the proportion of ISP&#039s who refuse to register 3rd party components is growing - which presented a prob for me. <BR><BR>However I found a fantastic article by Philippe Collignon that gave a pure VBScript/ASP solution - It works wonderfully, and no 3rd party components required.<BR><BR>I figured that this sort of workaround would be possible for all components, regardless of function. Am I misinformed? <BR><BR>

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    Richard A. Lowe Guest

    Default Sorry, but yes..

    Well, to be blunt, you have been misinformed. Components can be written in an array of languages available to the Win32 developer and have powers that outstrip VBScript. Visual C++ programmers for example have much lower-level access to all kinds of obscure, deep Windows OS goodies than VBScript coders can ever hope to consider dreaming of. <BR><BR>Even VB can get its hooks much deeper into Windows by means of Win32 API calls - special OS calls not available to VBScript. And even the wonderful innovation of Philippe Collignon uses a component, the Scripting.FileSystemObject which is shipped with MS&#039 scripting languages, BUT is actually a COM component and not a native part of VBScript.<BR><BR>Point is, components are more powerful, but ASP is designed so that MOST of what you want to do is close at hand, so No Worries!<BR><BR>Richard

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