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    I am using the following Redirect statement:<BR>"../Index.asp?Load=" & (rsProducts.Fields.Item("PageID").Value) &<BR>"SessionID=" & Session.SessionID<BR><BR>I get the following error:<BR><BR>Microsoft VBScript runtime error &#039 800a01a8&#039<BR><BR>Object required: &#039rsProducts&#039<BR><BR>/bus/cgfs/flowers/Shop.asp, line 11<BR><BR>I do I correct this?

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    Darn it. Wasted my time. This is yet another beginning DreamWeaver user trying to insert his own code without understanding what DreamWeaver is doing. (At least I think it is DreamWeaver.) And then he crossposts to top it all off. Grumble.<BR><BR>

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    &nbsp;<BR>I would guess you are using code you cut and pasted from somebody else, right?<BR><BR>Do you know what the name "rsProducts" is there for? It is *supposed* to be an ADODB.RecordSet object that represents the results of some query you made to a database. <BR><BR>The fact that VBS says there is no such object indicates that you have neglected to create the RecordSet object, much less open it.<BR><BR>I might also point out that there is certainly one other bug in that line and quite possibly more.<BR><BR>Despite the fact that the line is loaded with & characters, you are missing the one needed in the query string, between the two name/value pairs you are passing.<BR><BR>And as long as we are on it... Why in the world would you pass the SessionID to the redirected-to page? If the user does not have cookies enabled, that number is worthless. If the user *does* have them enabled, then you can get the number on the next page. (I suppose that passing it this way is one sneaky way of being sure that cookies *are* enabled, though. If that is what you are doing, my apologies. But you still need the & in the querystring.)<BR><BR>

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