Storing customer preferences/ email to a database?

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Thread: Storing customer preferences/ email to a database?

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    Default Storing customer preferences/ email to a database?

    Hello, I&#039m a student on placement with a multimedia company. Many of their clients request database driven sites. My question is, in developing such a site how do you store customer preferences and email details from a form to the database so that you can contact customers about their preferred area.<BR><BR>I know very little about ASP but feel it is what I need for this task. I&#039d appreciate any help. Thank you.

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    Default Quite common usage of ASP

    This is quite easy to do in ASP.<BR><BR>Getting info from a form and storing it in a DB is a natural thing to do. Even then editing the data "online" via ASP is easy and reasonable.<BR><BR>You can see all this working at and the "Database Lessons" section. Look for the "Full Cycle Add/Edit/Update" code demos.<BR><BR>As for then using the info to send emails: That, too, is doable via ASP, though you might find it works better to use a standalone application (e.g., something written in Visual Basic, perhaps?). To find out how to send email from ASP, click on the "ASPFAQs" tag at the top of this page and then look for the FAQs about email from ASP. Scott Mitchell (host of this forum and author of the book noted at left...hint, hint, hint) has done a good job of condensing the needed info into little space.<BR><BR>

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