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    Ken Rosenfield Guest

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    1.Exchange 5.5 and IIS on same NT server.<BR>2.Have downloaded and executed cdoasp.exe<BR>3.Have added a mailbox to exchange for iusr_xxx with<BR> acct for the mailbox as domain/iusr_xxx. Iusr_xxx is<BR> supposed to be a valid anonymous user of exchange mail.<BR> xxx does represent the name of my machine. <BR>4. IIs says does specify to use anonymous (and NT challenge)<BR>5. Trying to use mainpage.asp which is set up to<BR> allow login.<BR>6. note that msproxy is also on this server (which may<BR> be getting in the way here <BR>7. cant login to exchange either as administrator(who has a<BR> valid mailbox) or as the anonymous user -<BR> get collaboration data objects error 00000504<BR> mapi_e_unconfigured(8004011c) - cant find<BR> the errors on net search - any help appreciated<BR>8. my end intent - i had a web page which collected client<BR> feedback using mailto: - mailto is so inconsistant from<BR> browser to browser on how it handles sending a mail<BR> body- that i need a better way. Since I am running<BR> my web application on the same server as my <BR> exchanje 5.5 application - if I read all the doc correctly, i think that a web client can send mail as an anonymous user to an internal valid mailbox without actually loging into exchange <BR>

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    GH Guest

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    I&#039m not sure about this so don&#039t get your hopes up. Sorry it is so long winded.<BR><BR>I don&#039t believe IIS uses the login DOMAIN/IUSR_machine, but instead uses machine/IUSR_machine, so you might not be actually logged into the domain.<BR><BR>You could try unchecking annonymous access to the virtual directory, and leave NT challange/response checked. That will force it to login as you and you should be in the domain, running the page.<BR><BR>If this checks out, you can workaround this problem by creating a little VB MTS object that wraps the Exchange functionality. Then when you add it as a package to MTS, give it a user id to use as a proxy login. Otherwise you can try to get IIS to use a domain IUSR_machine account, and add this account to the domain. The accepted practice would be I think to do it through MTS because it avoids giving an annonymous login too much mojo.<BR><BR>This has been our approach to similar problems, ie "It works ok when I run it but it won&#039t work in a web page.."<BR><BR>Hope it helps.

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