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    abdo Guest

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    please help me,<BR>&#062; how i can send SMS messages(mobile phone messages via internet) using ASP?<BR>&#062; -if it is impossible for doing it with ASP,tell me the best way to do<BR>&#062; it(all impossible ways)<BR>&#062; thanks very much<BR>

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    I have done it using a ASP and a third party service. If you want stand-alone, try using a &#039search engine&#039 to find an &#039sms component&#039. I just did and found:<BR><BR> (pswwincom component suite)<BR><BR><BR>Also, if Microsoft demos are to be believed, you may want to consider installing Exchange 2000, which &#039appears&#039 to include both SMS and cellular text-to-speech capabilities. (I&#039d verify with your MS salesman first, though!)<BR>

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    bekas Guest

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    is that possible to display the code here and the name of component?<BR>i will be appreciated!<BR><BR>

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