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    Warren McCoy Guest

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    I am new to ASP, not to programming or computers, I am running an<BR>NT200o IIS 5.0 server. I have a directory setup with read, write and script run ability. Every time i try and run a script that creates a TEXT file or updates one, I get Permission denied.<BR><BR>What other possibilities can I look at for why I am getting this.<BR><BR>any help is much appreciated , thanks...

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    does the filesystem (not the server) have write permission?<BR><BR>I&#039m not at my 2k station at the moment, so i can&#039t do a walkthrough for you, but you need to add write permission for IUSR_&#060;machinename&#062; to the folder. try right clicking it and there should be an option for permissions/security<BR><BR>j

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    Markkk Guest

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    IIS permissions vs. NTFS permissions<BR><BR>You mentioned that your IIS has correct permissions. What about your NTFS permissions. If the web user doesn&#039t have appropriate NTFS permissions to CREATE or DELETE or CHANGE an existing file, then IIS gets a permissions error.<BR><BR>If you are using Anonymous Authentication, IIS runs under a default NT Account (probably IUSR_MachineName). This NT Account must have appropriate NTFS permissions to perform the desired file actions.<BR><BR>If you are authenticating your web clients, then the authenticated NT Account must have appropriate NTFS Permissions to CREATE, CHANGE or DELETE the desired files.<BR><BR>Review your NTFS permissions relative to your default or authenticated user Accounts.<BR><BR>I hope this helps.

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