Everyone seems to agree that XML is the ultimate tool for data interchange. However, I have heard a lot of hype on how XML via XSL/T can be the best way to go for displaying a user interface. Are there any good examples out there or case studies? The only use I have seen of XSL/T in this fashion is by Biztalk.org for the public schemas they have online. When the Biztalk.org schemas (which are of course, XML docs) are referenced in an XML document, they are not noticed... but when you type the URL address which points to the schema into your IE 5 web browser, a style sheet created by Biztalk.org generates the HTML layout for presenting the schema data to the human eye.<BR><BR>I could imagine that with the introduction of web appliances and handheld wireless internet hardware to the public, we will see a real use for XSL/T in the user interface layer. What I would like to see before then is a case study which examines the methods used to present data to different types of clients through a server side XSL/T process. Does anyone know of a good reference to look at that would examine this use of XML?